Momiform Must Have

Let's take a little breather from feeling all the feelings and talk about something frivolous how about. I'm no fashion blogger (I bow down to those who are) but I do enjoy styling outfits for my kids and I the best I can. I've got expensive taste and a Wal-Mart budget, but I try to make it work. As much as I love to look at all the high end stuff, my reality is mom life. I need my clothes comfy, and to not cost so much I cry when they get stained. I am a bargain hunter, deal seeker, and clearance rack guru. My style is really basic and simple, because that fits my life.

Recently I splurged on some sneakers. I found them here, and it took weeks to convince myself they were worth the investment (I'm cheap. Like really). Anyways I knew if I was going to take the plunge I needed them to be worth it. They needed to be a staple. It helps me if I can envision the item styled several ways, in different scenarios, so that I really know I will get the use out of them I want. Nothing makes me more crazy than hating something I buy ten minutes after I bring it home and leaving it to die in the back of my closet. SO. I bought the shoes, and they have exceeded all my expectations! I wear them every single day, and my feet are in heaven.

Here you have it, one pair of shoes four different ways. This is a very small sampling of the outfits I have paired them with. They have been my happiest purchase in a long time so why not share? It should also be noted all these pics were taken by my five year old while we went about our normal week's activities. It should also be noted that I definitely feel silly and self-absorbed posing at the park and making my child photograph me. Taking pictures of your mom is the millennial(is that what generation our kids are now?) version of the old, take out the trash chore perhaps?

Well, there's my first shot at fashion blogging ish. I guess the takeaway here is to invest in the pieces that you will get the most wear out of. It is worth a little more money to get something that will last and become a staple. The even bigger takeaway... wear sneakers every day because comfort.

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  1. Oh my gawd - we have the same hair but mine is blonde. You give me hope that it CAN look cute!

    I splurged on Rainbow loafers (after pondering for a good month and finally having my doctor tell me that I need "more supportive" shoes) for the summer because I am far too lazy to tie sneakers. Those New Balance look nice!